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Partnership Opportunities

We are committed to serving you and our community members. In order to ensure we contribute to the important progression of ubiquitin ligases and the significant potential for therapeutic application, we have generated tailor-made, bespoke partnership packages to help you stay competitive and nurture customer relationships.

Are you looking to work with companies developing small molecule therapeutics across a range of previously undruggable targets?

We partner with cutting-edge service providers with capabilities in drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, sequencing, and CROs, with the goal to unite the industry to overcome existing challenges to further progress in this emerging space and unlock the entire proteome once and for all.

If you have relevant capabilities in this space and would like to align your brand with the undruggable space, contact us to promote your services and solutions through a bespoke commercial package.

Email sponsor@hansonwade.com to request more information. 

Why Partner?

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Meet & Network with Industry Pioneers

With a room full of drug developers and decision-makers looking to see how they can effectively advance their exciting early discovery efforts into safe and effective therapeutics, meet prospective clients through meetings and networking opportunities

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Position Yourself as an Industry Expert

With the emergence of biotech companies focused on successfully harnessing E3s for therapeutic application in protein degradation and significant interest shown from large pharma and academics, this meeting is a dedicated platform to put your independent expertise in front of the key decision-makers in the field  

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Raise Brand Awareness

Benefit from pre- and post-conference exposure to our drug discovery KOL community and increase market share through unique branding formats. Also, differentiate your discovery, preclinical and translational services from other solution providers

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Generate Commercial Collaborations

Make sure your hottest prospects are in the room and part of the discussion by having a wish-list of your choice contacted in advance of the event 

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