Hear what Leaders of the Field Have to Say:

Ligase Partner - Vicinitas Therapeutics

“The meeting serves as a catalyst for identifying novel strategies crucial in tackling intricate challenges within ligase indications. As a thought leader, engaging in such discussions not only fosters collaboration but also provides a space to contribute innovative ideas and insights.”

Yongli Shan

Associate Director- Discovery Biology, Vicinitas Therapeutics

Ligase Partner - Abbvie

“This is an excellent meeting to learn how ligase targeting is driving drug discovery.  I excited for up-to-date information, opportunities and challenges to be presented and discussed.”

Marc Scanio

Principal Research Scientist, AbbVie

Ligase Partner - Structural Genomics Consortium

“Engaging with representatives from biopharmaceutical companies and academia this ligase meeting allows for insightful discussions, potential partnerships, and sharing of expertise.”

Levon Halabelian

Principal Investigator & Assistant Professor, University of Toronto & Structural Genomics Consortium

Ligase Partner - norvartis

“The Hanson Wade TPD meetings have quickly become the leading venues to learn about all aspects, new and established, in the field. Taking part in one of the newer, and more specialized meetings is an amazing opportunity for those involved to share and learn how to tackle the most pressing issues in targeting ligases.”

James Papatzimas

Principal Scientist, Novartis