About 2022 Event

The Targeting of Disease-Causing Proteins Through Harnessing Ubiquitin Ligases Is a Critical and Exciting Novel Therapeutic Approach, With Huge Potential to Expand the Druggable Protein Landscape

Whilst the exploiting of this therapeutic modality surges through biopharma and academia, it is essential that we unlock the fundamental challenges within this industry, as this remains a key factor determining success of degraders in the clinic. 

The 2nd Ligase Targeting Drug Development Summit returns virtually in April, uniting industry frontiers and leading minds, as together we discuss, update, and learn how to successfully hijack ligases for therapeutic application, and uncover a critical piece of the puzzle in realizing the full potential of this therapeutic approach. 

Filling the gap of an industry-led ubiquitin discussion, we again provide an unrivaled forum to unite leading biopharmaceutical giants, alongside key academics, to share unseen data, collaborative efforts and discuss next steps to successfully select, validate and translate E3’s into a viable therapy. 

Join us online to expand your understanding of the ever-broadening ligases field and the fast-improving chemical biology tools to seize the therapeutic value of Ubiquitin E3 ligases and differentiate your pipelines. 

5 Key Reasons to Attend

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Successfully identifying & validating valuable undiscovered or unexploited ligases for therapeutic application with insights from Arvinas, Kymera & Nurix

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Reviewing how to optimize the development of tissue & disease specific ligase-based therapies with insights from Pin Therapeutics, University of Pennsylvania & University of Oxford

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Leverage the structural & functional validation of novel or underexploited ligases to expand the landscape of potential therapeutic interventions, with insights from Bristol-Myers Squibb, University of Guelph & Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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Harness optimization of high-throughput, systematic screening techniques being harnessed to streamline the identification of ligase ligands with insights from Merck Research Laboratories, Roivant Sciences & Cullgen

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How to Improving the translation & safety in order to advance the development
of ligase based therapeutics with insights from NysnoBio & AstraZeneca