What to expect at the Ligase Targeting Drug Development Summit

As recent advances in screening, characterization and validation platforms bring the untapped opportunity of E3 ligases closer to grasp, the Ligase Targeting Drug Development Summit returns with 3 full days of expert insights to address your burning questions:

  • How to improve binding and affinity in the absence of a solved structure?
  • What bottlenecks in technology persist in the identification of tissue and cells-specific ligases?
  • How to elucidate the regulatory mechanisms governing E3 ligases, including post-translational modifications and interacting partners?
  • How to identify suitable chemical matter starting points with optimized screening strategies for ligase binders?

Uniting 80+ peers from Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery and Biology departments of biopharma, this meeting is your ultimate opportunity to increase the disease targeting space of degrading and modulating drugs and fully unleash their therapeutic benefits for patients in need.

Where does the Summit Sit in the TPD Space?

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5 Key Reasons to Attend

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Unlock novel disease targets and fuel the expansion of the targeted E3 ligase repertoire with improve precision and safety with insights from GSK, AbbVie & Novartis

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Supercharge the discovery of highly selective ligands for novel E3 ligases with new, high throughput platforms with input from Asha Therapeutics, AbbVie & Lyterian Therapeutics

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Overcome challenges in the characterization of complex formations, proteins engagements and compound dynamics to improve binding and affinity with insights from NysnoBio, The Francis Crick Institute & Structural Genomics Consortium

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Improve degradation efficacy of CRBN, VHL & KLHDC2 to inform the development of optimized PROTACs with insights from Arvinas, Max Planck Institute & University of Nevada


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Advance the therapeutic versatility of E3 ligases to innovate the first wave of non-degrading E3 ligase drugs with insights from Vicinitas Therapeutics & Nurix

What Do Previous Attendees Have To Say?

"The Summit provided a great indication of where the ligase field is. The panel discussions were particularly useful in pinpointing where our community’s challenges are”

Senior Director – Protein Sciences,
NGM Biopharmaceuticals

"It was very engaging, and I gained valuable new insights in every session"

Senior Scientist