About Event

With targeted protein degradation techniques prevailing as a therapeutic approach with huge potential, the challenges within this sector remain focused on hard-to-drug ubiquitin ligases.

This meeting turns the microscopic lens onto ubiquitin ligases, uncovering the most pressing challenges and hurdles the community is facing to successfully harness E3’s for therapeutic benefits. From uncovering, selecting, and validating the right E3’s, discussing novel chemical tools and debating tissue selectivity, we bring to you an all inclusive platform to advance your efforts to exploit ubiquitin ligases, for protein degradation and beyond.

This meeting fills the gap of an industry-led ubiquitin discussion, providing an unrivalled forum to unite leading biopharmaceutical giants, alongside key academics, to share unseen data, collaborative efforts and discuss next steps to successfully select, validate and translate E3’s into a viable therapy.

As this community strives to unlock the therapeutic potential of ubiquitin ligases, ensure you stay ahead of the curve to hear latest data of uncovered E3’s. Our industry and academic pioneers will share their expert insight into structure and function of ubiquitin ligases and discuss chemical biological tools to optimize ligand development.