Successfully Discover, Characterize & Functionally Validate Selective E3 Ubiquitin Ligases for Therapeutic Applications in Protein Degradation & Beyond

As the therapeutic value of manipulating previously hard-to-drug ubiquitin ligases becomes more and more evident in addressing numerous diseases with unmet clinical needs, the Ligase Targeting Drug Development Summit is the dedicated scientific and networking forum for large pharma, innovative biotech and research institutes to seize the day.

Built with large pharma and biotech insight, the Ligase Targeting Drug Development Summit is fully dedicated to enabling novel ligase discovery and characterization, achieving cell and tissue specificity and expanding chemical biology tools to therapeutically leverage ubiquitin ligases for effective protein modulation or degradation strategies.

As leading pharma companies join forces to bridge the gap between the functional knowledge and true translational value of ubiquitin ligases and their associated ligands, join us to advance your understanding, differentiate your pipelines and tap into the uncapped therapeutic potentials of this emerging field.

Snapshot of Who Attended in 2021

What Did Our 2021 Speakers Have To Say?

“It’s a perfect time to hold a meeting like this, given the revolution caused by the increased knowledge of how ubiquitin E3 works. This topic is the perfect example of how essential basic academic knowledge is to make strides in drug discovery and therapeutic developments”  – Simona Polo Professor, IFOM, theFIRC Institute for Molecular Oncology & DIPO, Department of Oncology and Hemato-oncology, University of Milan


"Understanding E3 ligases in full molecular detail is fast becoming one of the most important areas to accelerate in drug development. I look forward to hearing from expert colleagues on the many inventive efforts in this crucial space" – Benedict Cross, Chief Technology Officer, PhoreMost


"This meeting enables an exchange of novel ideas for experts and novices in the field that eventually enable us to progress and discover novel therapeutic opportunities" - Claudio Thoma, Senior Principal Scientist, Novartis Institutes for Biomed Research


"A chance to share exciting research and ideas with peers and experts in this evolving area of drug discovery is an opportunity not to be missed" – Joe Patel, Senior Director, C4 Therapeutics


"As a young group leader this opportunity is of great interest to further develop key contacts in this field, to share our current research and to offer our resources through collaboration" – Rebecca Feltham Laboratory Head The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

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