Workshop Day

Tuesday April 11, 2023

All times in EDT


A Whole New Modality - Delving into E3 Ligase Inhibition

Attend this workshop to:

  • Understand an E3 ligase inhibitor mode of action to effectively develop a candidate to target for inhibition
  • Uncover the advantages of ligase inhibition over classic degradation as a potential alternative modality when degradation is less successful
  • Explore hurdles to ligase inhibition and the potential drawbacks in the context of off-target effects through limiting your ligase function

Workshop Leader:

Satpal Virdee

Satpal Virdee
Principal Investigator
MRC - University of Dundee

11.00 am Morning Networking Break


Exploring Electrophilic Ligands for Efficient Ligase Discovery

Attend this workshop to:

  • Discover how the rational design of covalent ligands is still faced with particular challenges
  • Uncover the properties of electrophilic ligands that make them advantageous ‘probes’ for targeted ligase discovery
  • Review the available technical solutions for performing docking calculations with covalent ligands

Workshop Leader:

Nate Henning

Nathaniel Henning
Scientist - Chemical Biology
Vincintas Therapeutics

2.00 pm Afternoon Break


Integrating Computational Approaches to Enhance Early Ligase & Ligand Discovery

Attend this workshop to:

  • Acquire an expert overview of some of the most exciting, novel computational tools currently in development, and now readily available to turbocharge your ligase functional and structural insights
  • Leverage the insights from computational experts who are harnessing machine learning and AI approaches, to predict ligase and ligand complex conformations
  • Gain knowledge of the novel tools and assays that can validate these computational methods, including crystallography images to visualize the ternary complex

Workshop Leaders:

Xiao Li

Li Xiao
Computational Scientist

song yang

Song Yang
Research Investigator

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