2023 Workshop Day

Tuesday April 11, 2023

All times in EDT


A Whole New Modality - Delving into E3 Ligase Inhibition

Attend this workshop to:

  • Understand an E3 ligase inhibitor mode of action to effectively develop a candidate to target for inhibition
  • Uncover the advantages of ligase inhibition over classic degradation as a potential alternative modality through insights gained using computational approaches
  • Explore hurdles to ligase inhibition and the potential drawbacks in the context of off-target effects with the story of Nurix's CBL program

Workshop Leader:

Sumit Prakash

Sumit Prakash
Associate Director
Nurix Therapeutics


Xevi Fradera
Senior Principal Scientist
Blueprint Medicines

11.00 am Morning Networking Break


Exploring Electrophilic Ligands for Efficient Ligase Discovery

Attend this workshop to:

  • Discover how the rational design of covalent ligands is still faced with particular challenges
  • Uncover the properties of electrophilic ligands that make them advantageous ‘probes’ for targeted ligase discovery
  • Review the available technical solutions for performing docking calculations with covalent ligands

Workshop Leader:

Nate Henning

Nathaniel Henning
Scientist - Chemical Biology
Vincintas Therapeutics

1.30 pm Afternoon Break


Integrating Computational Approaches to Enhance Early Ligase & Ligand Discovery

Attend this workshop to:

  • Acquire an expert overview of some of the most exciting, novel computational tools currently in development, and now readily available to turbocharge your ligase functional and structural insights
  • Leverage the insights from computational experts who are harnessing machine learning and AI approaches, to predict ligase and ligand complex conformations
  • Gain knowledge of the novel tools and assays that can validate these computational methods, including crystallography images to visualize the ternary complex

Workshop Leaders:

Xiao Li

Li Xiao
Computational Scientist

song yang

Song Yang
Research Investigator